A little triumph 

So, obviously yesterday wasn’t my best day ever! I did, after all, discover I have gained 3 pounds bite of my best efforts at losing weight!  There was a little positive. At the end of the day I went got a spin, and then did weights, 10lbs. When I was done, I mentioned to my […]


Last night we had some dinner guests, so of course I had to try a special treat. This Reese Peanut Butter Cup Pizza Cookie (from what the fork) was easy, and incredible. I used light gaylea butter and light kraft PB to lighten it a tad. I also used the PC gluten free flour which […]


It’s no secret that I’ve been playing around with eyeliner a lot! After years of using a stiff eyeliner brush and eyeshadow to line my upper lids and call it a day, I’ve started doing things differently. I still do that sometimes…but I’ve also started experimenting with lining my lower lashes, and tight-lining. I’m starting […]