One thing I hated about chemo was that I could not read. Even though I had time to read, for some reason I could not focus on books during chemo. Now, I can, so I have been reading voraciously to make up for it, both audio books and on my iPad. Here are some little reviews […]

Summer pet peeves 

This post is probably going to seem a bit bitchy, don’t care. My blog. My perogative. Summer seems to always bring out behaviour that irks me, I have pet peeves that are pretty well exclusive to summer. Here are some of them: 1. Bragging. For some reason people that have a lot more money than […]

8 months 

1 surgery, 6 cycles of chemotherapy, 5-10 years of hormonal medication (started), 25 radiation treatments. DONE!  I created a little slideshow, sharing some pictures of the life of a cancer patient from diagnosis to the end of active treatment.  ​​ I’ve still got a ways to go before things are back to “normal”. My skin […]