Where are you?

Lately, a lot of people have been texting asking where I am. At meetings, at parent Council, events, everywhere. The truth is, I’m just not there! I’ve spent years trying to do it all; Work, attend meetings and community events, spend time with my family and friends, deal with the needs of our household. I […]

Hiding nail damage

I spent the last spring and summer doing my nails with shellac, which I absolutely love! It looks so nice, and I don’t have to touch them for two weeks. Eventually I quit though, firstly because I don’t really have the time for it. Secondly because getting it redone is expensive. Thirdly because it’s bad […]

6 months!

I’ve now been using Sugar bear hair vitamins for six months! I love them! My hair has grown like crazy. Although it would’ve grown anyway, I’m pretty sure it would not have brought this quickly or be as full and thick as it is (which is not very, but more than it ever was naturally!) […]