What’s this blog about? with pics…

This is not a mommy blog. You wont find minute details of my 2 daughters’ days and 1000 pictures of them a week. Not to say you wont find any of this…just that it is not the priority.

This blog is about me. Mostly it is about the things I enjoy; Running, fashion, cosmetic, books, TV, music, cooking (sometimes), movies (rarely) and yoga! Sometimes, snippets of my life. Life keeps me busy with 2 kids, a husband, a full time job out of the the home, a cat…and the above mentioned hobbies.

My goal for this blog, besides writing all the crap no one wants to hear about? To inspire other mothers to enjoy more about life than their kids, mostly in my areas of interest; health and fitness, fashion, and cosmetics. I am committed to not losing myself to my kids…I want to be the best mom I can by being the best me I can be, and inspiring them to do the same!

On October 27, 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer…so a lot of 2016 is about my experiences with cancer and treatment…however I like to call the cancer “a small part of a big life” and hopefully that will remain true, so there is still lots of other stuff here!

Hang around, stay a while, feel free to comment or e-mail. I am always happy to do product reviews and answer any questions!

Me over the years of the blog ( I started in 2007. You can probably see why I talk a lot about weight here):

DSC00791.jpg picture by botterflylover












12 thoughts on “What’s this blog about? with pics…

  1. YAYYYYYYYYY FINALLY someone that has advice on exactly what I’m needing! I use to be the tall blonde with the smokin’ bod *sigh*. Now…..eh, no smoke to send smoke signals with. LMAO

  2. lol oh nooooooooo hun, I still have my hair. Medullary thyroid cancer doesn’t respond to chemo or rad so I’m not eligible for it. So I still have muh hair. ;) lol

    It’s the smokin’ bod that’s gone all to hell. OY

  3. urgh…I thought you’d said something in another comment about your hair??? Hmm…too lazy to look. Glad to hear you still have it though….I guess…maybe chemo would be better. Heck, I don’t know…I’m an idiot about such things. Sorry about the bod though, the mind is still super sharp!

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