1. I didn’t run the race. Had a cold all las week and then food poisoning Thursday, and that was that. No way I could muster the energy to run 15k Saturday, no way if I did I’d avoid getting sick again (I’ve learned the hard way I have to ease back into exercise after an illness). I was very, very upset but tried to focus in the fundraising I did for a great cause and that I ran up to over 12k…the most I’ve ran in over 2 years…training and renewed my love of running. So. It’s good. Hopefully I’ll have a good month or two of fall running left and then focus on other stuff (yoga) for a while.

See how hard I tried:

2. Work is crazy. CRAZY!! No details…but I’m completely totally utterly overwhelmed by all that is going on with “my kids” right now. I’m happy I’ll have a 4 day weekend (Thursday and Friday are the Jewish new year) but also worried about how I’ll manage all I need to with 2 extra days off.

3. Yeah that’s it. Maybe more soon.

Stuff and pics

I know, it’s been a while. That’s the way I roll. I had an awful cold the last week of summer, and was busy at work and home.

Now, my cold has gotten better(ish) and the kids are back in school…a whole new adjustment. They are finally in the same school, with Zoë in grade 6 and Lotte in grade 1. The both had a good start to the school year and seem happy enough with their classes and teachers. First day pic (matching outfits are unintentional):


In other news, the handbag I wanted went on same for $150 at Amazon and I had a 20% off code, so I grabbed it. It’s beck up to $295. I’m not using it yet, but it’s nice to took at!

I lost a week of running due to my cold. So upsetting at this point in my 15k training. Luckily I was able to start again this week (a bit slowly and with more walking than usual but who cares?) and if I can do my 7 mile long run this weekend I’ll be back on track (and really, ready the race, although I intent to train up to 8 miles). I’m not sure how fast I’ll be able to do it or how much I’ll have to walk…but I’m so over that. As long and I finish my distance and run a lot more than I walk, I’m happy!