So I guess I haven’t posted in a while. What can I say? Work has been kicking my ass lately, and my time away from work has been busy too…just the usual stuff. So, some good things:

1. We have been playing badminton on Sundays. Zoe is in a parent/child program. So we all go and take turns. It’s so much fun!



2. I went out with some new friends (met online) Friday night. Drinks, dancing and nachos! Obviously this is not something I would do very often, but it was fun to get out like that! Also, maybe I’ve made some new family friends? I hope so, because right now he families we do hang out with don’t seem to be quite the right fit for us for some reason or another.


3. I got this dress at Old Navy and love it. Love my new boots too!




4. I made fudge!


5. Booked a trip to Florida in February, not exactly a family vacation…I’ll be taking the girls to visit with my parents who will be there. It’ll be fun, and warm! Also good motivation to stay in shape (which I have been doing reasonably well in spite of  my current level of busyness. It is so goosd for my stress I cannot skip exercise)


1. I didn’t run the race. Had a cold all las week and then food poisoning Thursday, and that was that. No way I could muster the energy to run 15k Saturday, no way if I did I’d avoid getting sick again (I’ve learned the hard way I have to ease back into exercise after an illness). I was very, very upset but tried to focus in the fundraising I did for a great cause and that I ran up to over 12k…the most I’ve ran in over 2 years…training and renewed my love of running. So. It’s good. Hopefully I’ll have a good month or two of fall running left and then focus on other stuff (yoga) for a while.

See how hard I tried:

2. Work is crazy. CRAZY!! No details…but I’m completely totally utterly overwhelmed by all that is going on with “my kids” right now. I’m happy I’ll have a 4 day weekend (Thursday and Friday are the Jewish new year) but also worried about how I’ll manage all I need to with 2 extra days off.

3. Yeah that’s it. Maybe more soon.