Another wonderful summer weekend

Feels like I’m living for weekends these days, work has been so stressful and busy.

This past weekend we got out bright and early to visit Zoë at summer camp. She’s been gone 3 weeks and although we are enjoying a lack of fighting at home, and more fish…we miss her like mad. She is doing great thought. Challenging herself (knee boarding!) and gaining independence (she’s making her own breakfast!) and having piles of fun. She looks so grown up! Some pics from our day (more to come on Adam’s phone)!


Squishing time!


Zoe comforting a sad Lotte.


To our car


A highlight of the day, that Adam has pictures of, was when Zoë and I canoed out to the middle of the lake, and could not get back! Every time we started getting on course to get back to the beach, wind or waves would spin the boat around, and we would have trouble getting back on course. Eventually we got close enough to the beach that one of the counselors waded in and dragged us back to shore. A proud moment for us both!

As usual, we decided to stay in a motel partway home, to make the return of it easier on us all. We stayed in a town called Bobcaygeon, I’ve never been there before, but it was lovely. Lots of restaurants and shops, so we went for a nice walk that evening and ended up having dinner at a little grill. The food wasn’t awesome, but it was fine. The motel room was clean and comfortable, and I went to bed very very early.

Sunday morning I decided to go for a run. It wasn’t a great run! I was supposed to run 4 miles, but only ran 3. This was for multiple reasons. First of all I was tired and achy from all the driving. Second of all, it called for rain and I don’t want to get too far from the motel since I don’t like running inrain (a mild drizzle is fine, but I do not like running in heavy rain because I really worry about slipping and re-injuring my weak ankle). Thirdly and probably most importantly, the motel had no coffee! That’s right. I was running on empty. My running route was so funny, I was running up and down driveways and in and out of parking lots just to get some mileage while staying close to the motel.


the scenic route

In spite of this alleviates, and the fact that I wasn’t really feeling very energetic, it was a beautiful run! The weather was cool but humid, and there were some beautiful sites. I always love running when I’m on vacation, even if it is a very short run. It is still a treat to run somewhere different and see different sites. This pretty little waterside town was no exception!





Hair update.

It’s nearly a year now since I went all curly girl. I’m still loving it, especially on day 1:
However, day 2 (and sometimes I even go three days between washing) are a struggle. The bottom looks okay but the front gets stringy and frizzy. I don’t want to over-wash, so I’ve started pulling those parts up. In spite of my freakishly large forehead, I think it’s especially nice for warm weather, leaving my face and neck more exposed. I use a comb usually:

Also sharing yesterday’s top, from Mexx, because I love it! Dragonflies!!!





















Today’s outfit. Nothing special…H&M t-shirt and Old Navy skirt. But I love the red Sketchers shoes and get loads of compliments every-time I wear them!

Vegan Black bag?!?

I have been thinking  for a while but I really need a new black handbag. It is such a staple with my fall and winter wardrobe, and the last time I bought one was before I had Charlotte  (the top right bag in the lnked post)!

As my readers know, I have tried to change my shopping habits a lot. I have tried to be more aware of expenses, less concerned about designer brands, and more hesitant to buy products made of animals.

I am not in a place where I will commit to never again buying another designer and/or leather handbag… I may do so soon if it is a great deal and a great bag! But I’m certainly trying to have a more open mind to other options. So I’m sharing a wish list of some black vegan handbags I have been eyeing. Most of them are Melie Bianco or Big Buddha (the Big Buddha ones had the little round golden hang-tag). All available on Amazon. All under $100.

Weekend highlight

I’ve had really nice weekend.

Yesterday morning I went to barre. I’ve green going 2-3 times a week lately and love it. My core and butt are feeling strong and looking tight!

Last night Lotte went to sleepover at my parents and Adam and I had out first child night in at least a year.

We never go downtown when we have sitters…the drive just seems to far when we are paying for a sitter our our parents are watching the kids and we want to be home early. Since we had no such restrictions yesterday, mad reservations at a Mexican restaurant (Playa Cabana Cantina ) I’d heard was amazing. Mexican is always a good choice for us, lots corn-based options, I’m vegetarian options.

Dinner was so good we had cocktails, chips and guacamole, and fish tacos! Yum!




Before dinner, we stopped at a gluten free vegan bakery called Bunner’s for a pre-dinner treat in lieu of dessert. I had a chocolate chip cream filled cookie. So good! I have to go back there…soon!


Following dinner we went for a walk downtown, and then stopped at a park close to home to walk a bitter and visit the dog park. Luckily I had emergency flip-flops in my trunk!

Before bed we watched a silly comedy, Brooklyn 99, and enjoyed a greet sleep.

This morning I considered going to barre, but decided I really really felt like yoga so I went to the free Lululemon class. I’m so glad I went! I was kind of thinking whether I should bother going, because it’s kind of not really my level of yoga and I feel like a show-off (even though it’s not my intention, I just like to get the most from any practice) making a lot of modifications to make it challenging for me. But it turns out that the teacher today taught a great class! It reminded me how much I love yoga, I think for now I’m going to stay where I am (The barre studio) because I am really focusing on running anyway leading up to my 15k But after that, I’m going to do some research and see if I can find a new studio (or return to one of my previous ones, schedules have changed a lot I’m sure), where there are more yoga classes for me. Right now my studio now has only two yoga classes a week I like, and one of them is a time that is very hard for me to go to, 11:30 AM on Sundays. There was a great one Tuesday nights, but it was changed to barre which is great for the studio but i don’t need more barre i need more yoga!

Anyways, for the summer I’ll stay where I am and focus on running and barre and fit in yoga when I can, then reassess in the fall.