The bag I almost bought

Last week I had to waste some time between meetings, so I popped into Vaughan Mills and take a look at the fancy handbags that they carry at the HR2 Holt Renfrew outlet. I saw this Rebecca Minkoff bag for $158, I really liked it but didn’t want to buy it quickly, and had little time to really think about it.

After going home and researching the bag, I was quite disappointed that I hadn’t bought it. The bag retails for $295, and it is very difficult to find it, even online, for less than $250. It’s a really nice bag; the black cherry color is lovely and neutral, the chain handle is comfortable and the perfect length, the bag is small but surprisingly roomy and fits on my essentials. I desperately regretted not buying it since that day, but haven’t had a chance to go back out that direction. I have seen it on Amazon in black for $190 which is also good deal…but I just can’t do it. Cannot spend $200 on a bag! Today I went back to HR2, and there was one left in the black cherry color. I carried it around the store with me for about half an hour, while browsing at other items. I set it down, walked outside, googled it, went back in, got in line with it, got out of line. Eventually, I left without the bag. As much as I love it, feel like I’ve gotten out of the habit of spending money on such things for myself, and cannot go back. I cannot buy a designer bag that is going to cost almost $200 with taxes (even though I know, in the world of nice handbags…it is cheap!!!). I know that I can find bags that I will love for less money, if I want leather I can get a nice bag for $100 if I watch for deals. If I skip the leather, I can get a bag I really like for about $50. More than that, I know that the fact that it was a good deal on a Rebecca Minkoff bag was what made me want it. Not that I didn’t love it…I did…but if it was the exact same bag without the name, I wouldn’t consider it…and I’m really trying to pull myself away from they sort of brand focused spending. So…adios!

*note. if my husband gives the the $200 amazon gift card he’s had for years and never used, I’m buying the black one! But going into more debt or taking money from my limited silencing funds for it? I just can’t. Husband…are you paying attention?

Zoë’s Hair! Mine too!

Remember a few years ago when I highlighted Zoë’s hair all by myself! I got a lot of attitude for doing that when she was so young (both allowing highlights, and doing them myself), but she loved it, and I didn’t care!

Well, I’ve done it again. She asked for purple tips, bright purple tips, not the type that you can get from just dyeing over hair, the type that requires breach. So I bought a Splat kit, and bleached her tips. The original plan was to then go over them all with bright purple, but she actually really like the caramel color that the bleach created, and wanted to keep it. So instead, we put five thin purple streaks in them, and left the rest as is. We are both very pleased with the results! I may be in the wrong profession…




While we are talking hair, after almost a year of Curly Girl…I am amazed how awesome my hair it. The recent picture, BTW, is 3rd day hair! That means I washed it on Wednesday morning, and took this picture Friday (afternoon).


This ugly dress

I bought this dress at Target several months ago, late in the spring. I have no idea why I even tried it on, it’s really not my style. I also have no why idea why it looked good enough that I decided to buy it, but it did. In spite of that moment, I’ve never worn it because every time I look at it hanging in my closet I think how ugly it is, and am unable to imagine that it looked good enough to buy it.

Today, after somehow managing to wear nothing but dark skirts and tops all week (so feeling like I haven’t changed all week even though I had), I decided to try it on today because I was eager to wear something different and light. It didn’t look hideous, so I decided to keep it on.

I got so many compliments today, I can hardly believe it. One of the reasons I decided to keep wearing it was that today is a Friday in summer, so let’s face it, the office would be pretty dead. I also had no appointments today. It’s true, the office was dead…but I think every single person that was there (maybe 7 colleagues) specifically complimented my dress! One of them that it was Art Deco. So here you have it, my $20 Art Deco dress from Target! I am adding some pictures that show the super cute necklace I got at RW&Co, for about $7!




More blue mountain pics!

















One thing that was quite refreshing about where we went was  that, for the first since I’ve started wearing bikinis, I was not the fattest woman wearing one! That’s not a put down, I know that I’m not fat anymore…but most women that I know would consider themselves too big to wear a bikini at my size. Wherever I go, I’m always the only person over a size 4 or maybe 6 a bikini! I cannot go back though…I find them so much more comfortable!

Anyways, at Blue Mountain loads of women of all sizes were wearing them. I even saw a few quite obese women in bikinis, although for the most part the very overweight women were wearing one pieces or tanks. |Lots of women my size or a little bigger than we were in bikinis! It was nice to see!

In other news, after losing 20lbs and keeping most of them  off with MyFitnessPal for the last year, I’ve decided to give it a try without tracking. I’m still going to track my exercise (because I always have, since I started), and also my weight once a week…so if I see it starting to creep up I will go back to tracking my diet as well. But I would really like to be able to maintain without it. Not because it’s difficult, it just seems kind of dysfunctional to have to do that for the rest of my life! If it’s what I have to do I will, but I would very much prefer not to! I didn’t track for the last 4 days, and didn’t gain weight on my trip (although my meals were pretty indulgent, I did not snack much as we were always busy between meals, and I was very active…so I guess it all evened out) is I figure now is as good a time as any to try and keep it up without tracking.